We are able to support most aspects of your SQL/Database and Web Development needs

  • SQL Server Development and Administration – All current versions of MS SQL Server
  • Other databases – MySQL and Postgres administration and development
  • T-SQL Extensive experience with T-SQL
  • SQL Programming – Expertise in writing and evaluating Standard and Advanced Queries, Stored Procedures, Views, User Defined Functions (UDFs), Triggers, Distributed Queries, Agent Jobs/Scheduled Tasks
  • Administration – SQL Server administration, including Database Creation, Tables, Indexes, Partition and Cluster Creation, Backups, Recovery, Replication, Linked Servers, Log Shipping
  • Cloud and Serverless – AWS, Azure, Rackspace and Heroku (PaaS)
  • Database design – Relational integrity constraints, primary and foreign keys, diagrams, indexes
  • Performance Tuning – Query Optimization, and Database Consistency Checks using DBCC, SQL Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Execution Plans, SQL Server Profiler
  • Migrations – Migration of databases to higher versions or different platforms
  • Reporting/Visualization/Analysis – SQL Server Reporting Services, Visual Studio Reporting, Tableau, Crystal Reports, Power BI
  • Disaster Recovery Planning, Security Management – Server and Database Backup, Malware detection and prevention, WAFs, Firewalls
  • Application Programming – 25+ years’ experience in developing database/web applications with various tools, including .Net, Javascript, CSS, HTML5
  • Data-Driven Websites – Custom websites with integrated Content Management, including WordPress and Joomla
  • International Teams – Ability to manage and co-development with international developers
  • Source, Collaboration tools – Extensive experience (including administration) with Jira, Slack, Github, Bitbucket, SourceTree
  • Other Services Written and verbal communication (including documentation, instructions, etc.) and management services